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Radcliffe appointed Director for Student Success

MVNU students will see a new, but familiar face in the Center for Student Success next fall.

MVNU Resident Director and Deputy Title IX Coordinator Tim Radcliffe has been appointed as the new Director for Student Success for the upcoming school year.

In this new position he hopes “to provide students with resources to succeed academically and to prepare for their careers.”

The responsibilities as the Director for Student Success include working one-on-one with students academically to help them succeed in the classroom and prepare for their careers.

He will also work to be a communication link between various departments on campus to help coordinate support for students, Radcliffe said.

The new Center for Student Success opened with expanded resources on the first floor of the library in the fall of 2015. The implementation and expansion of programs such as one-on-one peer tutoring, a writing lab and individual counseling and mentoring provide students with academic strategies and support for all subject areas.

Radcliffe said hopes to keep the Center moving forward.

He understands that college can be a challenging time for some students, especially intellectually. His priorities will be working with students who are struggling with the academic load and assisting faculty in working with those students.

“I am deeply committed to serving and journeying with students during this time,” Radcliffe said. “I am particularly passionate about the intellectual growth that students can experience as they encounter new ideas and rethink old ones.”

His transition to the Center for Student Success will give him an office in Thorne Library making him feel like he is “finally coming home.”

“When I was a student at MVNU, I was ridiculed (in good fun) by my friends for spending so much time in the library,” Radcliffe said.

Radcliffe earned a bachelor’s degree in history from MVNU in 2010, and a master’s in historical theology from Wheaton College in 2013.

In his new position, Radcliffe will be able to focus on his passion of challenging intellectual growth, just as he did when he was a student.

“I am grateful that MVNU has a deep commitment to students who face setbacks in their academics, and I want to be a part of the work of challenging and supporting them to make academic progress,” he said.

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