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Student Life looks into campus guest pass policy

Though most lifestyle policies will not change for next school year, MVNU officials recognize that some need to be revised to fit the needs of the current student body.

The Student Life team is reviewing the Visitation and Guest Pass Policy in hopes of creating a new policy that will “align with our commitment to teach how to make responsible life choices rather than to simply follow or ignore ‘rules,’” said VP for Student Life Joe Noonen.

After focus groups with current students and conversations with alumni, Student Life discovered many graduates are not prepared for the transition from the “MVNU bubble” to “life after MVNU.”

While living on campus, students are expected to follow a clear set of guidelines about what to do and what not to do. But after receiving their diplomas, alumni are not always fully prepared to create and implement their own personal set of rules.

“They go from an environment with a Resident Assistant and Resident Director and clearly articulated lifestyle guidelines into an environment where they are now on their own,” said Noonen.

This “culture shock,” as reported by MVNU alumni, has encouraged Student Life to focus on the question: “How do our policies help in the preparation, formation and transformation of our students,” Noonen said.

Noonen and the Student Life staff hope all policies and guidelines foster an environment that will “educate the whole person,” intentionally preparing all graduates for the next step in their lives.

A new policy with extended hours is under discussion by the Student Life staff, but no decision has been made.

However, Student Life ultimately hopes to facilitate an environment that encourages students to make responsible choices.

“We are listening to our graduates who are suggesting that a lot more conversations need to be taking place to prepare students for life after MVNU and that we ignore these realities at the risk of falling short in our commitment to educate the whole person,” Noonen said.

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