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Social Work professor to host murder mystery night

Social Work professor Dr. Danielle Giroux is hosting a murder mystery night this weekend on campus.

Students who want to participate will be assigned a role for the “80s Prom Gone Bad” mystery theme.

“They will be given background information about the character they will play, and will also be given costume suggestions,” Giroux said.

Giroux said she participated in murder mystery nights with other students while she was working on her doctoral degree in Alaska.

In the first hour of the evening, characters will be given an envelope with a list of objectives to complete. Fake money is provided as well.

“It adds an element of bribery and extortion,” Giroux said.

In the second hour of the evening, the lights will go off and the room will be considered a crime scene. Characters will then receive another envelope holding pieces of evidence. The killer, though, will have information to throw the “investigation” off.

Characters will take on a second list of objectives meant to facilitate the development of the investigation: circulating evidence, gathering clues and informing ideas of who the killer may be.

At the end of the evening, the evidence will be presented and the killer will be revealed.

Awards will be given to those who are able to guess the murder correctly and end the game with the most money. Additionally, characters will submit their votes for the best costume and the best actor.

Giroux encouraged students to consider their commitment and availability when submitting an RSVP as all the roles rely on the participation of one another.

Each character role assigned is important to the success of the evening, she said.

“It is important that students are sure about their decision to attend, or it will throw the evening off for everyone,” she said. “Someone could be assigned as the killer and then not show up. It wouldn’t work.”

The cost will be $3 per person, with the money used to offset the cost of the evening and snacks for participants. The mystery will be limited to 40 people. If the 40 spots are not filled by the day of the event, roles will be left available for those last-minute students who wish to participate.

The murder mystery night will take place Friday from 7 to 9:30 p.m. in the Barn.

To RSVP, email Linda Tarrh at

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