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Makeover for the fitness center

MVNU upgraded much of the equipment in the Ariel Arena fitness rooms over the summer.

The cardio rooms feature new bicycles, six heavy punching bags, medicine and weighted balls, a stair stepper, treadmills, two rowers, ellipticals, and the old free weights. The weight room provides three new squat racks, old bench presses, stretch bands, and a new layout for more space.

Students said the upgrades were sorely needed because the old equipment was badly degraded and in disrepair.

“Some machines were completely broken and unusable,” junior Malone Weghorst said.

Director of Athletics Aaron Quinn said the new equipment will enhance students’ workouts.

“We tried to upgrade all aspects of the weight room and fitness centers to provide individuals a better experience with reliable and durable equipment,” Quinn said.

Although students are happy with the new equipment, a common concern is that there are not enough treadmills.

Sophomore nursing major Alyssa Settle works out four times a week and said treadmills are the most popular cardio machines.

Many students “leave bitterly, and then constantly check back for an available treadmill,” Settle said. “It’s just very inconvenient.”

All of the fitness rooms are getting heavy use this year, said assistant athletic director Paul McNeal.

“There is rarely a time when someone isn’t in all three of our fitness facilities,” he said.


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