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Missing Cart – If Found, Call Galloway

Photo courtesy of Reagan Williams

A shopping cart appeared in the westside Galloway bathroom over the weekend and disappeared again on Monday.

The shopping cart, sporting a Big Lots logo, originated from sophomore Lauren Phillips. She planned to use the cart as a laundry basket, but discovered it was too big to fit anywhere.

“I only had it in my room for two days,” Phillips said.

Phillips said she was getting rid of it. She put it by the recycling in the Galloway lobby to put it by the dumpster.

“When I went back that night to grab it, it was gone,” Phillips said.

About a day later, Phillips began to see pictures on social media of students in the cart at different areas around Galloway.

“Then, it was in the bathtub,” Phillips said.

Phillips found the shopping cart in an iHop parking lot in Heath, Ohio. Phillips and a group of friends had been travelling back to campus from a Raising Cane's run when they saw the shopping cart.

“It looked so sad all alone so we decided to save it in hopes of a pretty legit laundry hamper,” Phillips said.

Big Lots operates out of the Southgate Corners Shopping Plaza on Hebron Road, a few hundred feet away from iHop, which is not part of the plaza. Big Lots is about half a mile from Raising Cane's.

The shopping cart disappeared from the bathtub by Monday afternoon.

“I don’t know where it is now, but I hope it hasn’t left the campus,” Phillips said.

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