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A Special Night

Over 20 athletes competed at the Knox County Special Olympics at MVNU’s Ariel Arena this past Thursday.

Coordinator of Development Paul McNeal called it an “outstanding event to represent MVNU and the athletic department.”

“We wanted to try to reach out to the community,” McNeal said. “This is a group that often gets left out. We wanted to showcase them and their talents.”

WNZR streamed the event live online, and athletes enjoyed hamming it up in front of the cameras.

The Special Olympics competition consisted of basketball activities including shooting, passing and dribbling contests.

Athletes were broken into divisions and guided around to the different stations by MVNU student athletes.

Meanwhile, Athletic Director Aaron Quinn and McNeal were on standby with plenty of high-fives.

At the end of the activities, each athlete was presented with a ribbon while standing before a mock podium and scores of adoring fans.

Athletes were also given Frosty coupons from Wendy’s and treated to Domino’s pizza.

McNeal was pleased with the “outstanding turnout” and expressed his gratitude to the student athletes, WNZR and the fans for their support.

McNeal said the University is already looking forward to next year and already has next year’s Special Olympics scheduled.

This year’s Special Olympics can be viewed on demand at

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