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A Night in Disguise

MVNU’s Drama Club is hosting a Masquerade Ball on Friday from 8 to 11 p.m. in Foster Hall.

Co-presidents Breann and Becca Jamison oversee planning.

“It started as a Valentine’s dance,” Breann said. The Drama Club is responsible for the Valentine’s dance every year.

The Jamisons didn’t want the dance tied to a specific day, so they opted for the more generic masquerade.

“We think masquerade is more inclusive,” Becca said.

“We wanted themes that attract more people,” Breann added.

All proceeds go to benefit the Drama Club, and a donation of canned goods is also accepted which will be donated to a yet to be determined local charity.

The Jamisons hope that even if the turnout is small this year, it will generate steam for next year.

“I would love to do it again, especially two years in a row,” Becca said.

“Even if we’re not presidents next year, we can still be advisers to those elected afterwards,” Breann said.

The Jamisons grew up planning parties and Breann says it’s “nice to get back on the bike and ride it again.”

Becca has enjoyed hearing people say they already got their masks and she loves seeing people’s creativity.

“Instead of just wearing a dress, they can get creative,” she said.

The theme is theatrical and regal, and the colors are black, gold and white.

Decorations will also include lots of sparkles and the Jamisons are hoping to get a chandelier and a disco ball.

Formal wear is required but “they don’t need to wear a three-piece suit,” Becca said.

“You don’t need to dress to meet the Queen or anything,” Breann said.

Students have asked if girls are allowed to wear suits.

“It’s not only, allowed, it’s encouraged,” Becca said.

Masks are required, but creative supplies to make them will be provided at the door.

Costumes are allowed, and encouraged, if they have a mask.

No pajama onesies will be allowed.

Tickets are $3 a person and $5 per couple and are available at the door or by emailing or

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