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The Return of FNL

MVNU’s comedians are taking the stage on April 20 in the spring semester edition of Friday Night Live.

Friday Night Live or FNL is a clean and campus-related live comedy show. Taking its cue from the popular late-night show Saturday Night Live, FNL is a combination of live skits and pre-recorded videos put on once a semester for two showings.

Though Saturday Night Live is known for its rotation of A-list, celebrity hosts, this semester's FNL will run without a host.

“It's not that we are eliminating the host element all together, but unless there is a really good candidate for a host we don't want to force it,” FNL President Eddie Dilts said.

FNL is a longstanding tradition at MVNU, so it is common for there to be veterans in the cast.

Among those returning are Trevor Keeton, Matt Moore, Mark Greathouse and Dilts, all entering their fourth FNL, and Micah Bolander participating in his third. Senior Spencer Chajkowski will be performing in his sixth and final FNL.

Dilts said Chajkowski has played a huge role in FNL. “He's been a big help to producing the show, and I can honestly say that without him I'm not sure the show would happen.”

Along with the veteran performers, the spring 2018 FNL crew also includes a few new faces.

“We actually have quite a few new additions this semester,” Dilts said. “Abby Fairless and Naynay (Nathan) Parker are both sophomores joining us for their first FNL, and I am excited to see what they add to the group.”

Juniors Luke Hochstetler and Hannah Otto will also be on stage for the first time, with Nick Durkovic and Jenna Grady making their second appearance after their initial performance last semester.

Besides providing comedic relief for the students, FNL gives back. The tickets to the shows are $5 apiece, with the proceeds going to a local initiative. Dilts said FNL is “still in the decision process” but leaders are considering donating this year to the campus M2540 initiative.

A goal for FNL this year is to find new ways to help raise money. “Because in the end what we want to do is make people laugh and raise money for a good cause,” Dilts said.

The FNL team wants to continually make innovations in finding new ways to make people laugh. The goal is to have everyone “leaving the show laughing and knowing they've supported a charitable cause,” Dilts said.

The team is also focusing on making this show a unique piece of MVNU's campus that continues even after the current leaders graduate.

“We want it to become a program that is still around for future students once we are gone,” Dilts said.

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