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Tennis Teams Tune Up

With the main conference play happening in the fall, the MVNU tennis teams have taken the spring season to “keep growing and stay fine-tuned,” Coach Daniel Doan said.

This past fall was the first full season for tennis as a varsity sport at MVNU since the late 1980s. The program is growing, and Doan is optimistic about their expansion and improvement.

“For our first full season, we snagged a handful of wins as a program and that was exciting enough for some of the players,” Doan said. “We are looking forward to the continued growth of the program and a deepening of the roster.”

Two freshmen, Danny Mayotte and Gabriela Reyes earned the No. 1 singles spots for the Cougars this season and have continued to lead the team during spring play.

Five total players are committed to next year’s season. The athletic department is continuing to work on recruiting.

Meanwhile, the Cougars are excited to be back on the court this spring. They are improving skills and developing relationships that will carry into the next seasons, Doan said.

“The players are continuing to grow closer to each other and learn what it means to represent a competitive athletic program,” Doan said. “There are many things that still need to be addressed but overall, our team is just excited to be able to be on the court and compete!”

The program will lose three seniors, Hannah Bishop, Shelbi Keller and Kevin Maurer, who helped get the new program underway.

Doan thanked his seniors for their investment in the program.

“They all contributed in their own way and encouraged our younger players by example in their action towards others on and off the court,” he said.

Keller said the hard work was worth it.

“Work hard,” she advised future players. “It may take a while to find balance between the sport and school, but it will come.”

Keller also encouraged players to make friends on the court.

“Become close to your team; they will become family,” Keller said.

Next year’s focus for the team will be constant improvement though effort and attitude.

As the program grows, “the more our players will all naturally push each other in line with our team mission and goals,” Doan said.

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