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MVNU’s annual Festival Latino

MVNU’s 12th annual Festival Latino was held Sept. 27 in the Prince Student Union. Over the years, Festival Latino has included food, games, music, face painting and other activities. This year, Festival Latino included a Latino Poetry Jam with various MVNU students.

“We’ve had a variety of speakers, singers, groups and students performing everything that is shaped around the culture,” said MVNU Director of Intercultural Life Jim Singletary.

Singletary coordinates the event, but he said that it was because of student efforts that Festival Latino has continued every year since 2006.

The Latino fest has created an opportunity for MVNU students to enjoy themselves while experiencing a different culture. Singletary believes that the experience the festival brings is what makes it significant.

“There weren’t very many or any programs that had community impact, so we wanted to invite the community and families; I think that is what makes Festival Latino what it is.”

Since then, students have signed up to be a part of the committee helping set up, tear down, decorate and serve food during the Festival.

Singletary believes that this is not only a good experience for those who may have not been exposed to the Latino culture, but it is educational for students.

“The least I can do his help you learn about a culture that is simply not yours,” said Singletary.

With this event, Singletary hopes the students and the community can continue to enjoy and acknowledge diversity on MVNU campus.

“We always want to find a way to celebrate; that is part of my mission for intercultural life -- not only celebrate it but respect it,” said Singletary. “To offer fellowship with food, fun and family -- there’s nothing more special than seeing a Latino family be able to safely express who they are.”

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