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Renovations and additions to MVNU campus

Students have been discussing the new additions to MVNU this school year, and of those additions the most talked about are the renovations at Cedar apartments on MVNU’s campus.

Over the years, students have tried to avoid living in Cedar because of the updates that were needed. The renovations to Cedar took place over this past summer break.

“All buildings on campus are renovated or improved upon periodically, and it was determined that it was Cedar's turn this time around,” said Cedar Resident Director Ben Williams.

MVNU’s Director of Facilities Operations Anthony Edwards headed the renovations that were made to Cedar apartments which included the following: new carpet, new flooring and a fresh coat of paint in each apartment; new fixtures in the bathrooms and kitchen area; new window units in all the bedrooms and living rooms; and air conditions in every apartment.

Williams believes campus Facilities Services did an outstanding job and hopes students will enjoy their experience in Cedar as a result.

“Their hard work has contributed directly to helping students create a positive residential experience in Cedar,” said Williams.

The decision to make updates to Cedar were based upon the need to have a better living space for students and, according to Director of Residence Life Joshua Kusch, it was the right time for the renovations.

Students are both excited and pleased with the new renovations.

“Cedar went from being the trashiest apartments on campus to being a borderline luxury hotel,” said student Tristan Carwile.

“Cedar was a good choice for that kind of effort and work and a little bit less desirable place for students to live. It was maybe one of the first apartment townhomes that were built, so it was older than some of the other ones,” said Kusch. “So it seemed like the appropriate time and place to do some of that work.”

Kusch is MVNU’s new director of residence life, and he is looking forward to getting to know the campus environment this year and creating a positive environment for students.

Kusch has been enjoying the campus so far and learning how things work for students and faculty members on campus. He admits he has been experiencing a learning curve.

“I am glad that I was here most of the summer to become a little familiar with staff here; everyone I’ve connected with has been wonderful and so helpful,” said Kusch.

He’s excited to share moments with students through all the obstacles that come with the college life.

“The fact that we can create an environment where they can receive support, care and grow throughout that … that’s really meaningful,” said Kusch. “I know our staff of resident directors and resident assistants are there to be with students in those moments.”

Kusch shares that through interacting with students he hopes to create a place where students feel more welcome and experience the love of Christ.

“My hope, my goal and my vision for this year is that we can create a place where everyone feels like they belong, that they have a place.”

With new additions to campus apartments, faculty and staff, MVNU students have many positive things to look forward to this school year.

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