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Rain the cause of stadium delay

The MVNU soccer and lacrosse stadium has seen several deadline extensions due to one major unforeseen circumstance.

James Smith, Vice President of University Relations, is overseeing the project. Smith said, “Excavation is complete for the turf field... and the pad has been laid.” The pad, which the turf will eventually lay on top of, has been too wet to lay the turf due to the extensive rain observed this summer. The months of January through August were the wettest on record in the United States, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The rain seen every two to four days has forced Smith and his team to pursue a stabilization project, instead of waiting it out, to speed up the process of completing the turf. The process will “add a concrete mixture to the pad.” The mixture will allow the turf company to resume their work which started back up on September 16th.

Although the process will resume, it looks unlikely that the field will be complete by the end of the soccer season. Smith says they are hoping that the field is completed before homecoming in mid-November. The last home soccer game for the women is October 19th and the 23rd for the men, which means the hope of playing a game on the turf this season looks bleak.

Image: Digital rendering provided by Strollo Architects

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