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Johns Joins SGA

Hannah Johns is a sophomore student who has recently been elected for the position of SGA president, but who is she? And why did she run for this position in the first place? In her words, Hannah said, “I felt that in this position I could advocate for so many people. It is unfortunate, but so many people do not feel heard. My heart breaks knowing this—knowing that some students do not feel invested in or valued. I felt that this is where I was called to serve this next year, loving other people the best I could and letting them know that they are seen.”

Her platform, she said, “is to simply let people know that they are welcomed here. I will strive to listen to their stories, their hurts, their victories, and do what I can to advocate for each of them and to make MVNU a place that transforms their lives in a positive way.”

It is clear that Hannah is ready to listen to her fellow students in order to make a change, but what changes are students asking for? “I believe that every change begins with a conversation. It all begins with seeking to listen in order to better understand… A couple of concerns that I have heard through conversation, and therefore will advocate for, include communication and inclusion. I will work with next year’s SGA, as I know they will strive to do the same thing alongside me,” said Hannah.

Running for SGA President is nothing out of the ordinary for Hannah as she has led many other events such as organizing and hosting Grandparent’s Day at her high school, serving as Class Secretary in high school, leading short term mission’s trips for her church and serving as Class President the past two years at MVNU.

However, this leadership role is not without its struggles. “Of course, everyone will have differing opinions on issues. It is impossible to please everyone at times, BUT it is not impossible to listen to everyone… I also know this will be a heavy job for me. Seeing and hearing of other’s people’s hurts will affect me deeply, as empathy is a large part of who I am by nature.” As many students know, this election had a rocky start, according to Hannah, “The nature of this particular election undoubtedly brought about a lot of emotions for many. Even through it all, I have just spent a lot of time in prayer and conversation, trying to understand the best way I could advocate for truth, fairness, and love, and doing that to the best of my ability even if it is difficult. I am so thankful for those who have helped me through this, and I am excited to get to know more people and to hear more stories moving forward.”

Hannah is optimistic about the future. She said, “I am so excited to advocate for, to be a voice for, to love, and to be present with all students here. I strive to live by Romans 12:15, ‘Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep.’”


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