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New faces in SGA

SGA has a lot of new faces this year, with only one returning cabinet member. New faces mean an entirely new set of goals

Student Body President: Brandon Hull, Senior Marketing major

“My goal is to make SGA a group that students feel comfortable talking to and working with. I want to empower students to throw their own events and to do what they love. We plan to focus more on small events that students want, rather than big events that people do not like. I am most looking forward to making new connections all over campus and hopefully changing the perception of SGA.”

VP of Community Life: Chase Reed, Senior Nursing major

Reed wants to “improve events on campus by better reflecting the interests of the student population.” He looks forward to fostering better relationships through students and faculty on campus.

Events Chairperson: Jessica Wells, Junior Journalism and Media Production major

Wells wants “to see SGA become more inclusive.. She emphasizes that “SGA is not just about events. It’s a government created to help the student body with problems on campus.”

VP of Christian Life: Jay Zollars, Junior Pastoral Ministry major

Zollars hopes to change the focus of SGA to relationship building, instead of events, “to create a better, more accurate voice for the students of MVNU.”

VP of Academic Life: Aaron Ault, Junior Urban Ministry major

Ault wants to help existing academic clubs grow, and encourages students to create new ones as well. “If you have an academic interest that you wish to pursue but does not fit into your major, come see me and we'll get you plugged in!” He also adds that SGA works for the student body, and asks students to get to know SGA personally and “bring us your ideas, thoughts, concerns, and needs; we want to hear them!”

Executive Secretary: Tova Ray, Junior Business Technology Management major

Ray’s personal goal for her position “is to help us stay as organized as possible, and make sure we're all on the same page through meeting notes and effective communication.” She also wants to see more interaction between students and SGA. “Almost all of us are new members, and we all have different ideas for events and issues, so I'm excited to see those unfold and get implemented.”

Media Chairperson: Nathan Henderson, Sophomore Computer Systems and Network Engineering major

Henderson’s goal “is to increase student involvement in campus activities by communication through social media.” He echoes many of his fellow officer’s wishes to focus on building relationships and empowering students. Henderson says, “I want to see SGA be less of an events organization and more of a connection and support system for students who want to organize events. SGA is the connection between students and the university.”

Intramural Chairperson: Caleb Ledford, Junior Mechanical Engineering major

Ledford says his personal goal is to get as many students involved with intramurals as possible. “I’d like it to be something that is good for both guys and girls, athletic and nonathletic, competitive and noncompetitive. There needs to be at least one thing everyone will like.” Like many other SGA officers, he wants to improve the student body-SGA relationship and promote more student involvement in SGA decisions. He is looking forward to meeting new people through his position, and says, “I know that there is a similar mindset for all of SGA.”

VP of Social Life: Caleb Gibbs, Junior Youth Ministry major

Gibbs wants to improve “the quality and student reception of the major events on campus” especially Friday Night Live. He adds, “Also, as the VP of Social Life, I want to be relatively social.” Reaffirming what his fellow officers have said, “We exist for the students, and I want that to be known.”

Senior Class President: Anthony Clark, Senior History major

Clark has a clear vision about how he wants students to perceive SGA. “I would like for SGA to not be viewed as turds or as like superior to the other students.” Instead, he wants to receive student input and ideas, “so that we can try to implement them and give the students an experience that they want to take part in.” Clark says he wants to make an impact on campus and make a difference in the lives of individuals as well.

Junior Class President: Emily Williams, Junior Marketing major

Williams says she is teaming up with Clark this year to create activities for juniors and seniors to take part in together. She also wants to get to know every junior’s personal interests. Williams adds that with the almost entirely new cabinet, “we are all really anxious to start new and shed a light on this campus.”

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