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October is Swazi Month!

MVNU is partnering with the Luke Commission again this year in their mission to care for Every Last One in Swaziland.

This week focuses on the theme “Speak”. Information about our brothers and sisters in Swaziland and MVNU’s partnership is available in the Caf lobby,, TLC Facebook, M2540 Facebook, and You can also follow @mvnuM2540 on Twitter and Instagram.

Next week’s (Oct. 12 – 16) focus is “Pray”. Students can stop by the Caf lobby to contribute to the prayer chain for Swaziland.

Week three (Oct. 21 – 25) is “Go”. Peers who have experienced Swaziland firsthand will be at the PSU on Wednesday, October 21 at 8:00pm telling their stories.

Week four (Oct. 25 – 30) focuses on “Give”; chapel on Oct. 26 is MVNU’s Swazi Celebration. Students can also experience a TLC clinic at 7:00pm.

A gift of $10 pays for one HIV test. This month will feature opportunities to give Spare Change for Swazi. You can also give online at

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