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MVNU Students win MLK Scholarship

The 13th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Breakfast this year gave five scholarship winners 100 extra reasons to celebrate.

MVNU students Lopez Davis, Zachary Edwards and Angela Hammond, along with Kenyon College students Brandonlee Cruz and Tomas Grant were each awarded $100 First Knox National Bank Book Scholarships.

The scholarship application included a 250-word essay explaining how the student would benefit from the scholarship and two letters of recommendation.

Junior social work and psychology major Zachary Edwards had applied for the scholarship in the past, and decided to reapply because he “did not want to turn down the opportunity to get a scholarship,” no matter how big or small the amount was.

Freshman integrated language arts major Angela Hammond said she feels “very blessed and thankful” for the scholarship. She chose to apply “because any scholarship is helpful when you’re a college student.”

The award will help these students further their education at MVNU and beyond.

"It will help me in my future endeavors as I work in the inner city," said junior public relations major Lopez Davis, who has hopes to help others like him get into college and succeed.

The winners thank First Knox National Bank, the Dr. King Legacy Committee and Jim Singletary. Hammond would also like to thank Brett Wiley, Mrs. Nielson and her friends and family for their support.

Edwards also thanks the social work and psychology departments “for their dedication, commitment and quality of care for students!”

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