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Students elect Henderson for SGA President

MVNU students have elected a new SGA President, Nathan Henderson, for 2016-17.

Henderson, a Kentucky native, is currently a sophomore, pursuing a degree in computer systems and network engineering (CSNE) with a minor in graphic design.

“I feel it is time to take my responsibilities to the next level, and I want to help further and improve the student experience here at MVNU,” Henderson said. “That is why I made the decision to run for Student Body President for the 2016-2017 school year.”

Henderson is a well-known figure on campus and strives to have a wide variety of friends. Carrying out hospitality toward those he comes in contact with is a high priority for him.

“I am passionate about making MVNU a community of people that are loving towards one another and living out this semester’s chapel theme, pursuing the act of being hospitable to everyone,” he said.

As President, Henderson has ideas that he plans to discuss with MVNU administration concerning student life. Top items on his priority list are extending Cafeteria and Buchwald hours, lowering the height of speed bumps and revising the weight room and cardio room weekend hours to better fit students’ needs.

“I have learned a great deal of wants and needs that the student body desires,” Henderson said. “I have devoted my time to listening to the students’ voice and taking action to get their voices heard.”

This school year, Henderson served on the MVNU Student Government Association as the Media Chairperson. This position required him to communicate with students using email and social media.

Henderson is known for his campus and community involvement and for building relationships with those he interacts with.

“He takes concerns of students seriously and gives a straight up answer about a way he can help,” sophomore Gabby Grant said.

“Nathan is a very technology-savvy, all-around helpful and funny person,” sophomore Eli Freeman said. “He can put a smile on my face with his stupid jokes. I know from experience that he would take time out of his day to help me out if I needed it.”

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