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Communication students build God's Kingdom

Photo courtesy of Joe Rinehart

This week is very important to the students in purple t-shirts. WNZR’s annual fundraiser, Lifeline 2016, is this week!

Throughout the week you will see the WNZR staff wearing their “Build Your Kingdom Here” t-shirts. These shirts represent their involvement in a bigger ministry.

Each year WNZR’s Lifeline raises the money needed to pay the staff, update and purchase new equipment, maintain our music license and financially provide for anything else needed for the upcoming year. WNZR would not exist without Lifeline and the generous support from our community.

Before I started working at WNZR I despised asking others for money. Everyone knows what I’m talking about; youth group cookie dough fundraisers, basketball pizza sales, and let’s not forget those National Honors Society raffle tickets.

We have all been in a place where we had to ask others to give financially. Yes, that money affected the group I was a part of but not me specifically.

After I worked my first Lifeline I realized that all the money we raised affected me directly. Each penny made a difference in my education.

I remember sitting anxiously as I waited for someone to call and pledge financially to our station. I was scared. I didn’t want to mess anything up and I wanted everything to be perfect!

When I got my first call I didn’t have to ask for money, or beg for their support. The person on the other end was excited to tell me their pledge amount and share their hard-earned paycheck with our ministry. They told me how much they loved the station and they were beyond thankful for the impact we have on their life.

“I am so grateful for the station, thank you for all you do!” they said.

For all I do? What do I do? Sometimes I turn the microphone on and ramble about chocolate.

Photo courtesy of Joe Rinehart

How am I impacting them?

Lifeline opened my eyes. Our music and our presence is what they love! At WNZR we play music with a positive message, share encouraging verses and funny stories as we relate to our listeners each day.

Our listeners see us as their friends and Lifeline gives me a chance to hear from them.

WNZR is a ministry that reaches the people in our community. I’m proud to be a part of the team. I get real hands-on experience working as an on-air host and I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn in this environment.

I love Lifeline because I get to interact with others and hear their stories. I get to put a face and a voice to the blank figure I picture in my head. Because of Lifeline and our listener’s support we are able to fulfill God’s call as a radio ministry to Knox County.

You can head over to to learn more.

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