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New hotel reports 'steady stream of business'

Six months after its opening, The Mount Vernon Grand Hotel is renting out about half of its available rooms on a regular basis.

“The hotel has seen a steady stream of business,” General Manager Kerry Wallsworth said.

Hotel officials expect to stay busy through the holiday season and on into 2017 as more people who travel to the area learn about the 46-room downtown hotel.

So far, the hotel has seen its largest success in the corporate travel market, which accounts for “a very positive number of weekday bookings,” Wallsworth said.

Other business has come from both group and transient bookings, she said.

Maintaining a monthly occupancy rate of 40 to 50 percent, the Grand is running above average for the area, and is on pace to exceed its projected profit for its first year.

The new building, which is owned by MVNU, sits prominently on the southeast corner of Mount Vernon’s downtown square, adding to the historic look and feel of the city.

The property, home to the former Curtis Inn, was purchased at auction by Ariel Corp. in for the construction of the new hotel.

The community has been very supportive of the hotel reopening, with Mount Vernon residents stopping in “on a weekly basis” to tour the hotel.

“We have had nothing but positive praise from the community,” Wallsworth said.

Plans to further engage the community include a murder-mystery dinner theatre coming this fall, as well as some yet-to-be-announced events for the coming year.

The hotel is currently working with MVNU to create an internship program for students. In the meantime, applications are being accepted for positions in reservations, housekeeping and maintenance.

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