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Zollars will lead SGA

MVNU’s Student Government leadership underwent an unexpected last-minute change just before the school year started.

Elected SGA President Nathan Henderson decided he would not return for the 2016-17 school year after being offered a full-time position through his summer internship at Nexigen. Senior Pastoral Ministry major Jay Zollars has stepped up to serve as the new Student Body President.

All students serving in elected positions on SGA were considered for the job. Those students were given the opportunity to submit their own names based on the criteria and expectations of the position. SGA members then took a vote and elected Zollars.

“My goal was to put someone in the position who was qualified and would serve the student body well,” said Director of Student Life Rochel Furniss. Zollars is known across the student body for his character and his involvement, she said.

Although the opportunity was unexpected, Zollars said he is confident in taking on the role.

“I believe that God has prepared me in necessary ways to take this role,” Zollars said. “I am very excited to be in the position and maybe even more excited to now serve our students in a new way.”

SGA ensured student input by emailing a campus-wide ballot asking students to approve (or disapprove) Zollars for the role. The response confirmed that Zollars would be a good fit for the position.

Zollars was elected as the VP of Spiritual Life last spring. SGA is in the process of finding a replacement. But for now, Assistant to the Chaplain for Worship Anthony Mako has agreed to help fill role.

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