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LEAP to perform at SonFest

MVNU’s LEAP Dance Ministry will take the stage with DaMac at SonFest 2016.

LEAP – an acronym for Living Expressing All Praise – is a campus-wide club that gives students the opportunity to worship through dance, group fellowship and praise to their audience of One. LEAP began in October 2013.

The co-leaders, junior Emily Mettille and sophomore Caitie Jugenheimer, will use their gift of dance at MVNU’s annual outdoor music festival. At the request of Christian rapper, DaMac, they will join him on stage during his performance at 6:45 p.m.

“We got this opportunity because Bethany Lauer, who was the head of LEAP last year, has a really good relationship with DaMac,” Mettille said. “He emailed her at the beginning of summer and she passed it along to me.”

While on stage, they will perform two of LEAP’s own routines and one composed by DaMac. They will also dance during the drum solo of a fourth song.

“Caitie and I separately choreographed two dances, and then taught them to each other. Now, we are in the process of cleaning them up before Sonfest,” Mettille said.

DaMac will teach the girls a third routine the night before they go on stage. Mettille said their training has allowed them to learn dances quickly, so this won’t be a problem for her and Jugenheimer.

Both are excited and nervous as this will be the biggest audience they have performed in front of so far.

“Overall, we just want to represent Christ and DaMac well. I am hoping this will be a stepping stone for LEAP to larger opportunities,” Mettille said.

SonFest 2016 is this Saturday, September 24. For more information about the artists performing, click here.

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