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Wear pink to raise awareness

The CoSMO group LOSGOS is organizing a Wear Pink Day today, Friday, Oct. 21.

The goal is to bring awareness of breast cancer throughout the campus of MVNU.

“While wearing the color might not save a life, awareness about this illness can,” said Sydney McCrady, one of the leaders of LOSGOS.

Students who wear pink are encouraged to post a photo of themselves on Instagram with the caption #MVNUWearPink. All students who post a photo using the hashtag will be entered into a drawing for a $10 gift card of their choice.

LOSGOS, led by McCrady, Cassie Orosz, and Kara Barger, stands for Lessons on Strength, Group of Support. It was designed to open up conversation about mental illness and disease, but it is organized to feel like a small group.

“We created LOSGOS as a project, but decided to transform and make this into a CoSMO group,” McCrady said. “Each one of us knows someone or have a mental illness or disease that we want to bring awareness to.”

The outreach of LOSGOS varies drastically as they are open to any type of ministry or support that God sends their direction.

“So far we have worked with Orphan World Relief, Knox County Teen Council and Broad Street Mission,” McCrady said. “We are a small group open to anyone who wants to come de-stress and talk.”

The group meetings usually consist of a devotional, coloring and chatting about life or hot topics in society or the medical field.

They meet every other Tuesday at 9 p.m. The next meeting will be Oct. 25.

“It is a great atmosphere to get away from daily stresses and take a couple minutes to fellowship,” McCrady said.

For more information about Wear Pink Day or LOSGOS, contact one of the three leaders: McCrady, Orosz or Barger.

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