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Empowering Women in Christ

Women of MVNU gathered earlier this month to discuss how they have been empowered, grown and been inspired as women.

With the theme of “Proverbs 31 Woman,” the event was meant to inspire young women through sharing issues, times and emotions of life common to the female experience.

The session was a panel style, semi-formal event. On the panel were MVNU students Sandra Addo, C’enna Baisch and Madeline Quinn. Staff members Dr. Joyce Miller and Catie Hayes also were a part of the panel with sophomore Nana Yeboah as the host.

All eyes were on the panelists as they shared pivotal moments, as well as heartbreaking experiences, of their lives with the audience while reminding students and faculty to trust God’s plan for their life.

Along with sharing life experiences, the session also encouraged guests to love themselves and go after things that seem unattainable. Some students asked questions revolving around boldness and ways to stay empowered as young woman.

“I have a father in heaven. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, I am His princess. There is no need for me to feel less than,” Yeboah said.

Others agreed and added to Yeboah’s statement.

“Be who you are, accept yourself, you were born with a purpose,” Addo said.

Although simple, the profound statements led to a larger discussion about finding and following one’s purpose.While Addo and Yeboah shared encouraging words for students to take with them for the future, Dr. Miller and Hayes shared experiences that they overcame.

Hayes spoke about being a woman in ministry.

“As Christians, we should be better because society, in general, treats women as second class. If Christians view all of humanity as image bearers and heirs of Christ, then they carry that power as a man and a woman,” Hayes said.

“If it’s ministry, do it with all your will and all your power and know that no one can take that from you,” Yeboah said.

Other topics the conference covered were how to be content while being single, the will and choice to love and what it means to be a woman of faith. Through every topic each panelist concluded that God is the center of all things.

“Believe God’s plan and that God works things out as long as you are willing to trust Him and be flexible,” Dr. Miller said.

“Be focused on you and God. Focus on the marathon of life,” Yeboah said.

The conference ended with students and faculty gathering in small groups to pray with one another.

Participants agreed that this conference was helpful and are eager to see when the next event will be.

“As a resident director, I’ve seen how women can be put down in this college age environment. So, it’s important to not only celebrate being a woman but to learn and glean from one other,” Rosewood Resident Director Amy Reeves said.

Participants agreed the conference helped women see their true value.

“I think that women play an important role in both society and the church and having a talk like this is beneficial to both church community and women to feel like they are heard and valued,” junior Holly Burket said.

Yeboah shared the idea for the Empowered Women in Christ event with Student Life and gathered students and faculty to help her with the event. She hopes to have another conference around this time next year.

“I feel like God told me to start this ministry,” Yeboah said. “We need more women to be in this type of place. We need more women to see them for more than what they see themselves as.”

Others said are looking forward to similar events.

“I hope this sparks further conversations. I hope this is the start of continuing to empower one another,” Reeves said.

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