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Seiffert Departing After 9 Years Leading Women's Soccer

After 13 years, women’s soccer Coach Daniel Seiffert’s journey at MVNU is drawing to a close. Seiffert has resigned to take a position at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Seiffert began his journey at MVNU as a student and athlete in 2003. He was a defender for the men’s soccer team during his four years on campus. He has spent the last nine years coaching the women’s soccer team.

“MVNU is basically my home,” Seiffert said.

Seiffert’s siblings also went to MVNU. Combining that with his own four years as a student and years coaching, he estimates he has spent over 20 years around the University.

Seiffert said his father and assistant coach, Rick Seiffert, has been his coaching mentor. Seiffert called it an “honor and a blessing” to have coached with his father.

Seiffert recalls “coaching” with his dad at five or six, following him around “imitating everything he would do.” Seiffert said his father impacted him not only as a coach, but as a man of God.

During his time as coach, Seiffert has made memories that he won’t soon forget.

“You can’t put a thumbprint or a pulse on just one,” he said. “There have been so many that have impacted my life and who I am as a man and a Christian.”

Seiffert consistently challenged his teams to succeed on the field, in the classroom and in the community. His teams have earned double digit wins in seven of their nine seasons, and twice made it into the NAIA Division I Top 20 rankings.

Seiffert worked hard at MVNU to develop strong relationships with his players.

“One thing we’ve always been is a family,” he said. “I would run through a brick wall for any of them.”

Though it was not an easy decision to leave, Seiffert said “God comes first.” Seiffert and his wife, Mary, see soccer as a ministry and are moving forward with the opportunities presented to serve for Christ.

Seiffert said he and Mary feel God led them to IWU, where they will continue to spread love and God’s word.

Now, he is focusing on making the transition a “smooth one.” He wants to leave the next coach in a “good situation.”

Although the resignation was unexpected and somewhat unsettling to his team, Seiffert said his players have been supportive.

“God is leading you to IWU, so they must need you,” one player told him.

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