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The Viewer: By the students, for the students

The staff of The Viewer is excited to journey through the 2016-17 school year with you.

The Viewer is the MVNU campus newspaper written and designed by students for students. Both the online and print publications are geared to our campus community. We strive to keep you updated about important and interesting news and issues.

Our promise to you, the MVNU community, is to report with integrity and accuracy above all else.

Our content spans from academic news and social features to Cougar athletics. This year we will publish most of our stories and content online to ensure timely and accurate news coverage.

So, be sure to check out our new, redesigned website, You can also find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

If you have a story idea, we would love to hear from you! Contact one of our editors, or send us an email at and we will look into your suggestion.

We also welcome Letters to the Editor from students, faculty and staff. Whether it’s an opinion, complaint, praise or idea, we want you to share it with us and your peers across campus. Letters can address any topic or issue that applies to our campus and community.

The Viewer staff reserves the right to reject letters and ideas based on our professional discretion and ethical standards.

Jenna Potts - Managing Editor

Senior Journalism and Media Productions and Public Relations double major

I wanted to be part of the The Viewer staff to expand my writing and communication skills. I hope to make a difference as the managing editor, bringing positive growth and change to the paper. Plus, I love working with The Viewer staff!

My goals as the Managing Editor are to bring news worthy stories to the MVNU community, while ensuring professionalism and accuracy in everything we do. I want to positively enhance our campus through the print and online presences of The Viewer, keeping students, faculty and staff updated on the changes, events, and people at MVNU. The newspaper was created to serve the student body, so if you have ideas let me know,!

Serra Barrett - News & Features Editor

Senior Theatre major

I joined the The Viewer to work with the talented staff and become a better writer. My goal is to write about issues that students care about, and to learn more about the issues affecting MVNU and the surrounding community

Brooke Schnipke - Assistant News & Features Editor

Junior Public Relations major

I enjoy writing and like to work with different people on our campus. As a staff member I would like to improve my writing skills and learn from other members on staff in order to do the job the best to my ability.

Emily Porter - Sports Editor

Senior Journalism & Media Production major with a Film Studies minor

I wanted to be a part of The Viewer because of my love for writing and sports. As a kid I loved to write and I had a goal of working for the New York Times. Though, that is no longer my goal, The Viewer helps me become a better all around communicator. It helps me grow in many ways and can help make my skill set larger and ultimately help me in my future. I love bringing two things I love together. Plus the staff here is fantastic and working with them is a joy. Through my position I hope to keep MVNU updated on Cougar Sports. I want to do more than just the latest stats and analysis. I want to give a glimpse into the programs, the coaches and players. I think a player's skills and success are extremely important, but I also want to shine a light on who they are as a person on and off the court/field.

Josh Pope - Assistant Sports Editor

Senior Journalism and Media Production major

The reason I wanted to be a part of the Lakeholm Viewer staff was because I want to improve my writing skills. Also, I love doing research and trying to find out new things. My goal for the Assistant Sports Editor position is to be as accurate as I can with all of my facts while constantly improving the product that we hand out.

Carolyn Beatty - Web Designer

Senior Graphic Design major with a Marketing minor

I wanted to gain experience and see what it was like to work in a news environment. I want to improve my design skills as well as grow in my ability to work with other people.

Mariah Kick - Assistant Web Designer

Junior Graphic Design major

I joined The Viewer to be a part of a group that informs and involves the students on this campus. I want to bring more community on campus and to be a part of keeping everything we publish and display visually appealing.

Jeremiah Wrucke - Graphic Designer

Senior Art Education major

I love the opportunity to get experience doing anything that involves creation. Whether that be creating a piece of visual art, a song, sound, poem, etc. Anything or anywhere that grants me the opportunity to create such things is a place I want to be. The Viewer provides that opportunity along with the chance to meet some great people and help campus. The cover is the first thing anyone sees when they look at the paper and can make or break their decision on whether or not to pick it up. My goal is to maintain readership by sparking readers’ interest through great visual art on the front over.

Torre Massie - Graphic Designer

Junior Graphic Design major

I joined The Viewer because I love working with design, typefaces, and photography. I also love learning more about news style writing and newspaper spreads.

My goals are to create intriguing designs that catch the viewers attention and really get the point across. Graphic Design plays a major part in newspapers and design can impact the entire feel of a paper.

Gerod Harder - Photographer

Junior Graphic Design major

I want to contribute my photography skills to The Viewer and I hope to capture great content for The Viewer to use.

Lopez Davis - Photographer

Senior Public Relations / Marketing

I joined The Viewer because I thought it would be a great way for me to contribute my creative flavor while enhancing the paper through my photography. I wanted to make it aesthetically pleasing for our audience. I also want to make sure we continue to make it visually pleasing to our audience and give the people what the want. Additionally, I want to promote an opportunity for future photographers to believe in their dreams.

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