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Lawrence elected VP of Christian Life

Senior intercultural studies major Connor Lawrence was recently named VP of Christian Life.

“I wanted this position because I love to serve, whether that be in front of people at chapel or behind the scenes in the cafeteria,” Lawrence said. “I’m at a place where I feel God has poured into me enough that I can now pour into others.”

His new role consists of two parts: helping to plan and organize chapel and sitting on Student Government.

“Having this position means that I get the privilege of being the student body chaplain,” Lawrence said. “I get to help organize chapels, discuss who will speak and help plan events.”

Lawrence also will work with M2540 in this position, doing behind-the-scenes work with the ministry and assisting in any way needed. His responsibilities as the VP of Christian Life also will include meeting with Student Mentors on campus to offer them encouragement and advice.

The final aspect of this position is filling a seat on SGA.

“I love helping to organize events with SGA, and discussing ways that we can make things better than they have been in the past,” Lawrence said. “Everyone on SGA loves and cares about each other, and we all work really hard to improve the student body.”

Lawrence has enjoyed working alongside different offices and individuals and loves that he can speak on behalf of the student body.

“It’s a big responsibility to be in this position, but I’m excited to be able to work with administration and represent the students,” Lawrence said.

In this position, he hopes to see the student body unified and excited to live and learn together at MVNU.

“I want to see a campus that is growing together spiritually,” Lawrence said. “I also would love to see a campus that has more fun, but also be seeking Him through that.”

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