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WNZR exceeds fundraising goal

WNZR’s annual Lifeline fundraiser exceeded its goal this year, bringing in $67,797 and counting.

The staff hoped to collect $62,000 in donations but listeners came through with even more.

After the on-air fundraiser, student volunteers and staff took time to reflect on their experience and the spiritual and academic insight they gained.

Director of Broadcasting Joseph Rinehart said Lifeline helps students recognize the importance of the station within the Knox County community.

“Sometimes you’re in the studio and you think, ‘Does anybody listen to me, is anybody paying attention, does anyone care?’” said Rinehart. “Well, now we know the clear answer to that question…Yes, people care and yes, people are interested in what we’re doing and they support what we are doing.”

WNZR reaches listeners in Knox, Licking, Morrow and Richland counties. Many families and businesses called in from these counties and beyond to pledge money and share prayer requests.

There were 269 different listeners who donated during Lifeline 2017. Of that number three donors called in to increase their gift during the on-air fundraiser.

Junior Dan Monnin is excited about the new numbers and thankful for the continued support from the community.

“Lifeline is amazing,” said Monnin. “It gives us the extra step in our education but it also allows us to reach the community and make a difference in Knox County.

WNZR staff members were especially excited to hear from 30 alumni from all over the United States to pledge to the station.

“People are investing back into this ministry because it means something to them; it’s incredibly humbling,” said Rinehart.

During the fundraiser, listeners often send emails, call in to talk live on the station or participate in prerecorded interviews to show their support.

Students interact with countless listeners and hear firsthand about the importance of good programming and inspiring listeners to continue their walk with the Lord.

“Those are like mini pep talks for our students when they get to interact on the phone with the listeners,” Rinehart said. “They are everything to lifeline. This is why we do it.”

Freshman Abby Fairless said she was overwhelmed by the experience and the many stories and testimonies that were shared.

“We get to see how much of an impact we make on the community while getting real life experience with various jobs,” said Fairless. “We get to connect with our listeners and hear what they have to say.”

Lifeline also lets students see the “business side of radio,” Fairless said. But more importantly, “we also learned how to reach people through the Word of God and live out our theme, ‘Let it Be Love.’”

To donate to the station, visit and click “Donate,” or send an email to

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